Thursday, August 14, 2014

“There is no such thing as a victim”

"There is no such thing as a victim"

Not too long ago, a friend of mine and I had a long discussion. He raised a question and a point. That discussion inspired me to write about this topic, as I feel that this is yet another manipulation tool in this reality that is important to be aware of.

Our conversation started when he was talking about the “Fix the World” group and how he didn’t resonate with the title of the group because, in his opinion, the world doesn’t need to be fixed. He said that only in the mindset of a victim does someone need to be saved but the earth doesn’t need to be saved. It is well perfect as it is and it is not a victim but is allowing everything that takes place to play out. He asked me, “Do you think that the earth is a victim?” My answer let us on a long discussion that we didn’t have time to finish because I had to leave. My answer was, “The earth is not a victim and it is a victim at the same time. The truth is in the contradiction.” He did not understand what I was talking about and was asking me more questions trying to make a point that the earth is not a victim. He didn’t understand that I was agreeing with him, yet at the same time showing a deeper meaning and a more complete understanding of our reality. And here’s what I mean.

There's a world by Joe-Maccer
Credits: "There's a World" by Joe-Maccer.
In essence, the reality that we call earth where we are at this moment is a playground where every single one of us plays their own unique, individual and perfect role. In essence, there is no such thing as good, bad, victim, abuser, sinner and other polarizing concepts. All of these concepts are programs within this reality based on which we operate. You can call them “the rules of the game”. Thus, in essence, these concepts do not exist outside the reality we’re projecting, creating, and experiencing at this moment where you’re reading these words. That is true. Thus, from this universal understanding and state of mind, the earth is not a victim and of course it doesn’t need to be saved. There is no one to save because everyone is playing their perfect role that they themselves are creating and experiencing at the same time. We are creators in-bodied; thus no one has any power over us to “save us” because that would mean a hierarchical structure where one is a “master” and the other a “slave”. The victim plays the role of a “slave” and the savior plays the role of the “master”. However -- our immediate reality that we’re experiencing on a daily basis has these concepts and this is where it’s leading up to my next point.

Here’s where a key point comes in; and if human beings are not aware of this very important point, then they fall for yet another manipulation tool. This manipulation tool, by the way, is used on the so called “New Age” movement and its participators who are mainly unaware that they’re being manipulated into this. And here’s what I mean.

Even though, in essence, this concept does not exist, it does exist in this reality, for such a concept is part of the make up of this game that we’re creating and participating in. Thus, in this reality, the concept of right and wrong does exist even though in essence it doesn’t. This is what I mean by “the truth is in the contradiction”.

World within world by Natasha Murray
Credits: "World within world" by natashamurray911
To easier understand this, think of our immediate reality of being a bubble in its own reality situated within another reality. The bubble that we're in is real just like the reality where the bubble is situated in. All of them are real.

Furthermore, because of the existence of these concepts, we’re able to create and be active participators and creators of this reality.

Children of War by Lulu
Credits: "Children of War" by Lulu2222
For example, when we realize that something is “not right” in this world and someone in this reality has so much power that they’re constantly oppressing, abusing, killing people while grabbing hold of what the people are dependent on; for example, energy, then this is a “wrong” in this reality and influences those that see this as “wrong” to do something about this and work to create a different reality where such abuses no longer exist. When someone sees people being killed all over the world because the powerful few are trying to divide the territory between themselves without any care for human beings, that is seen as a “wrong” in this reality and it influences people to once again do something in this reality to change this. Thus, these polarizing concepts are, in essence, helping tools for us to continue creating in the vibrational density that we're currently tuned into in this reality -- and all of them are important.

Another example. One sees a tree dying and is inspired at that moment to start watering this tree. The pure heart intentions of this person is then vibrating in the surrounding area where this being is watering the tree. The bio-energetic informational field that this is creating is influencing those within this area to also be effected by these actions. This doesn't necessarily mean that they will start watering trees as well; however, it may mean that a son will call his mother that he hasn't spoken to in many years because he's been upset at her. And the one pure-heart intention by the man who's caring for the trees, serves as a "keycode activation" in the son to release the pain and call his mother and finally fix the relationship. This is just a small example of how our reality works and how everything is interlinked and important. And also it shows how the tools of polarity and oneness go hand-in-hand. When one is used without the other, it's a manipulation tool and here's where this is taking me to the next point.

Now, here's where the manipulation tool come in.

When one is in the state of mind that there is no such thing as a victim and therefore nothing needs to change, one will not be influenced to be the change and do anything about this reality. Thus a human being in this mindset, with the one sided realization of this essential truth, is in effect turned into a docile being that is inactive in this reality and has disconnected from the creation process but has in fact became a tool in the creation process of another. Thus they can be used as perfect pawns for the controlling beings of this reality because they are not a threat to changing this reality. Just think about it. If everything is perfect the way it is, then what is the point of creating something new or changing something existent? Nothing needs to be changed because everything is fine the way it is. Do you see how such way of thinking is prone to manipulation? After all “everything is already perfect” – which is true and not at the same time.

Angel by Banksy
Credits: "Angel" by Banksy
This is a big concept that is controlling the New Age movement and the effects can be easily seen. Someone that is part of this movement is usually disconnected from what is going on in the daily creating aspect of this reality because they do not see it as relevant, yet they are usually in the mindset that the celestial aspect is all that is important. Thus meditation, prayer, channelings, cantations, “ascended master” prayers and all these other methods, which usually drain an individual of their energy and give it to the beings that control these movements, provide for yet another one-sided existence. By the way, this concept is also embedded into the root of world's religions and it goes by names such as destiny, fate, or karma. It’s that same old “divide and conquer” concept except in a different set of shirt and pants. Once the human mind is isolated in one aspect of “truth” or one side of “truth”, then that is a perfect control tool because this imbalances that human being by creating an imbalance between their brain hemispheres. By the way, most of humanity has an imbalance between their hemispheres and that is not an accident. It's done with intention -- which is why most of humanity is mentally ill. We just started calling it normal after certain amount of time. Since most of us are like that, then it must be normal, right? You can follow this fallacy into oblivion; and this is what humanity has been doing.

Parallel Realities by Spirit Mountain
Credits: "Parallel Realities" by SpiritMountain
"The truth is in the contradiction” is key in realizing the make up of this reality because it’s crucial to see all aspects that make up this reality and see them for the important role that every single one of them is playing, which enables us to consciously create; and yes, if we see that something is not right about something, every single one of us that sees this has the ability to do something about changing the reality they're manifesting.

After all, if we’re experiencing this event in our reality, then this event has a specific purpose to us. To dismiss this event and to not give it any importance is to deny who we are – creators in-bodied. Thus, if there is a group called “Fix the World” whose purpose is to assist humanity in freeing themselves from energetic dependence on corrupt individuals in control of the world energy resources and financial resources that currently make up this reality, then this intention will assist humanity into shifting into a different reality where we are no longer enslaved by these concepts. And without such intentions and actions, things would not change and would be where they are.

We can say that “earth is not a victim” all we want and that everything is perfect and not do anything and nothing will change. Do you see what I mean? Saying “tag, you’re it” or “bingo!” will have no effect unless you’re playing that specific game with those specific rules. And if we do not use this creating control, we pass this energy on to those that use it.

As another example, let's bring up that painting of a man within a bubble again. You can say all you want how the reality is fine the way it is and that there is no victims, yet that is the case outside the bubble the man is in, not inside the bubble where his immediate reality is.

Do you see how important it is to the controlling few for us to not be aware of these concepts and to not be in full understanding of this? This is why you’ll see pseudo truths all over this reality that seem to be right, yet they pull you yet again into another aspect of an isolated understanding of reality where you can then be manipulated. Fragmentation is very important to control, and one of the greatest known tools of pseudo truths in this reality is religion.

But why does this happen? Why do humans fall into this trap over and over again? Because we’re constantly searching. We’re searching for that “truth”, for that “answer”, and we’re always searching it somewhere thinking that there must be it. 

Childhood by Sisko
Credits: "Childhood" by sisko87
We’re operating from our childhood program of someone being better than us. We’re operating from that childhood program that “a master knows what's good for us”. We’re operating from the program that we are "sinners" born on this planet or that we're just "destined" to be this or that. So we’re programmed from our very appearance in this reality to look into the mirror but to never actually see ourselves. This is why the realization of who you are goes hand-in-hand with the realization of the structure of this reality. And also this is why all the opposing forces in this reality are structured on making sure that you don’t realize who you are. We’re taught to entrust into systems and thus are afraid of the endless ocean of creation. We feel “comfortable” when we know how things are operating, not realizing that our comfort zone is our own trap.

Trapped in a loop of a systemSystems are always based on loops. Being in a loop creates an energy potential that can be utilized by those in charge of the created systems. Think about the invention of the wheel or "the wheel of karma". All of these are systems and any closed loop system creates an energy potential that can then be used. Imagine an energy generator that is being spun, which creates energy and through a wire connected from the generator this energy comes out. Now, think of us powering that generator by powering it like a hamster in a wheel and you get to see more clearly the reality we're in. This is a very deep topic about how truly manipulated and mind-controlled we are.

The initial purpose to systems was to assist our mind processor to come up with logical navigating aspects in this reality. It was basically like a GPS navigation system in your car; however, you are still the driver. Yet, the reality we’re currently experiencing was shifted more into where the GPS in the car is the driver and thus is creating endless systems for ways to get to places without having an actual conscious guidance from source. Source being our heart/soul/essence – you and I. It is what most of us are disconnected from most of the time in this reality. At least this is what we’re experiencing. We’re not really disconnected from it. We never were. The truth is in the contradiction.

After reading this post, some of you may see this reality in a way that you've never seen it before and some of you will get confused more than ever before. Coming into realization about who we are, what we're doing here, or how our reality is constructed is something that changes you forever; and there is so much resistance built up in our cultures and societies to make sure that we don't take that leap, that we remain who we are in our "comfort zone". Furthermore, it's very difficult to understand this because of how fragmented we've become and what physical forces are also playing their roles at keeping us dazes and confused. Food, air, water, music, movies, education, politics, sociocultural programs, are only to name a few of what keeps us trapped where we are. This is only scratching the surface of our realization because the deeper we search for truth, the deeper we get into yet another aspect to our reality we were not aware of.

Eye for an Eye by Tyler Creates World
Credits: "Eye for an Eye" by TylerCreatesWorlds

I'll be writing more posts concerning these topics. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. If you have a question, then someone else may have this question as well. Perhaps, your question will make it into a new post.


  1. A Loner - Truth SeakerDecember 21, 2014 at 10:41 PM

    interesting post; have you by any chance looked at the youtube of Mark Passio, mainly his "streetwise spirituality" video ? It somewhat mirrors what you say here. Also, I am and have been converting my music to 432 hz for a while now and just recently found your vids; I cant remember where I have read about 432hz but here is one thing I cant get straight: Which is better, -1.818 or -1.776 ? I recall reading that -1.776 was the one to use because the illuminati, created in 1776, had applied that change to get to 440 hz so to undo their crap, using -1.776 would be best; What are your thoughts on this ? Thx in advance !

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comments! Yes, I'm aware of Mark Passio and specifically I'm aware of his "New Age Bullshit" work, which is very well done. I have not seen the video that you're referring to.

      Regarding 432 Hz, I used to also use "-1.776"; however, "-1.818" is more precise, so this is what I use now. I first was using "-1.776" because that was the first thing I read on a forum when first was searching on conversion numbers for this several years back; and this is what I was exposed to it, so I started using this number. However, later on I started using the more accurate "-1.818". I'm not sure regarding the Illuminati angle to this and 1776. That's the first I've heard of it. The furthermore reason for why it doesn't completely make sense if; for example, I use Adobe Audition to convert to 432 Hz and in their pitch shift converter they don't have an area to input the percent change. So I have to type in the equivalent semitones change. -1.776 would be -0.31 semitones. -1.818 would be -0.32 semitones. So here the numerical significance of the 1776 number disappears because it only seems relevant when it's a percent change but not when a semitones change. I don't see any relevance in 31 or 32 or 0.318, which a more precise number.

      Let me know if this clears it up for you!

    2. A Loner - Truth SeekerDecember 23, 2014 at 9:07 PM

      Thx for your insight; The method i have been using, based on what i read, is, in audacity, change pitch --> then click from F down to A then input 440 hz to 432hz and the rest automatically changed itself. I will be trying the Timescale/pitch you showed in your video on the subject.