Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A virus comes, a virus goes...

A virus comes, a virus goes...

A virus comes, a virus goes;
So much is said but no one knows.
Because what really matters is not told.
To them our ignorance is gold.

Behind our backs decisions made.
Some lab is ordered to create.
A beast that’s never lived before;
To be released and scare us all.

A simple changing in the code;
A DNA will switch its mode;
Our bodies will react and… done!
Much more effective than a gun.

For them it is a sample test;
To see how they control the rest.
We are, to them, their guinea pigs;
And all they do is pull the strings.

The rest is done by other souls;
Who have the media in their controls.
Ebola never really worked.
Ok, then Zika must be sold!

A sound advice I give to you.
Listen to your heart;
For it is true.

You know what’s better for your life.
Just trust yourself;
You’ll see and thrive!

Your soul awakens;
That’s the key.
You’re here to live and love.
Be free!

~ Our Solaris