Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remember, remember the 11th of September...

911, 9-11, our solaris, remember, remember the 11th of September...

Remember, remember the 11th of September;
The day we were fooled;
And used as a tool.
A fairly tale was told;
A story was sold;
Military planes were told to stand down;
A drill was around;
Impossible physics;
3 buildings went down.
So many questions, yet no answers are found.

Among the burning ruble, an intact paper passport was found;
Of one of those men that we’re told flew the plane;
That turned into dust, yet the passport remained.

And little later we’re told…
A different plane flew into the most secure building in the world.
That flight was so clever and perfectly done;
That a small missile sized hole in the building was found.
But no trace of a plane was ever uncovered.
When questioned by reporters whether a plane was discovered;
They were simply told;
It burned up in the flame.
Impossible physics.
Another story with questions remained.

And the part of the building where the damage was done;
Was investigating corruption of where the missing trillions have gone.
That the day before 9/11 it was reported on;
But the day after, it mattered none.
Terrorism was the name of the new game;
What happened before was all burned in the flame;
And yet another story with questions remained.

The same day and after 9/11 was done;
A familiar bearded face was shown around.
Millions were made to believe;
That hate is what fueled his need;
Thousands of miles away from home;
To devise a plan to fool the most secure country of all.
Some guy in a desert, trained by the CIA;
Turned on his masters and said, “Screw you USA!” ?
Then through the years, his videos would be released;
One by one… my goodness, he looked younger and younger with years!

And then 10 years later we’re told he was found;
Quickly captured, killed, and thrown in the pond.
Team of Navy Seals carried out the operation;
But shortly after they were all killed;
And so goes all the information.
No face of Osama was ever shown;
Yet another story where so many questions are born.

While all this is happening, war after war is launched;
In the name of freedom, millions of lives are lost.
In the name of security, countless freedoms maimed.
We were tricked into playing this heartless game.

9/11 was an event that changed our reality;
To sway our minds into fear mentality.
15 years go on and so many questions remain.
Don’t trust the government;
Question everything they say.
Don’t fall for the “it’s a conspiracy theory” claim;
That term was created in the 60s to confuse our minds by the CIA.

Question everything; 
That is the point to life;
To live as inquisitive beings;
To create and to thrive.

~ Our Solaris

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