Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Journey: Returning Back to the 432 hz Tuning

[UPDATED June 29, 2015 -- New sections and updated information!]

Before diving into this article, let's do a quick experiment! I suggest that just by doing this, many of you will instantly understand and feel what I'm talking about.

(Source: The track used here for the 432 hz and 440 hz sample is Setakamuy (Blanju Remix) by Tomoyuki Sakakida )

While listening to this, I suggest to ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Do you feel a difference between one and the other?
  2. How do you feel overall when listening to one versus the other?
  3. Where do you feel the music or in what part of your body when listening to 440 hz and then to 432 hz?
I suggest listening to these tracks back and forth to get the feel of it.

Ok, if you got a feel for what I'm talking about, then you're maybe interested in learning more. So what is this 432 hz tuning frequency and what is so magical about it? Here's a brief summary about it.
To put it simply, 432 hz tuned music is the natural tuning frequency that is in sync with the human bio-energetic system. In other words, it is a frequency that we, humans, resonate with. The reason why I state this so boldly is because I've come upon this through my own experience, self-realization, and through various sources which will be mentioned later in this post.

My journey started sometime in the early fall of 2012 when I got a feeling that there has to be something about the way music is used to manipulate us besides the words, the genres, the cultural divides, and other more easily noticeable aspects. Exactly during that time I was already heavily reading on the history of mind control programs that were and are still operating in the U.S. and other countries. So, it was this intuitive feeling that got me to read something about the change of the tuning in some article that I read. I remember that the article didn't have anything to do with this topic but was generally mentioning various aspects that the control system uses for manipulation of humans and changing the tuning of music was one of them.

I don't remember which article it was at that time that I was reading, but that small sentence gave me the feeling of energy that I'm onto something. You may know the feeling I'm talking about. It's quite eclectic and energetic. This feeling motivates you and then you become focused on whatever it is that you're pursuing. So following me reading this article, I went on the internet and started searching for this information, and I came upon an article that was loaded with an amazing amount of information about the change of the standard tuning back in the early 20th century. This article mentioned that the 432 hz tuning was the standard tuning before the mid 1930s when the standard tuning was changed to 440 hz, a frequency that I have since came to call as "synthetic frequency" in conflict with the human bio-energetic construct. The article said that it was introduced by the Nazi regime and the Rockefeller foundation as a mind control/dissociation tool and became the standard tuning ever since used all over the world. In other words, music that you're listening to is almost certainly tuned to the 440 hz tuning, as only a small percent of musicians intentionally do not use the standard tuning for their instruments. Based on my experiments with listening to about 500+ musical tracks and checking them with my tuner, 95% of these tracks were in the A=440 hz tuning. The article I was reading was by Leonard G. Horowitz called MUSICAL CULT CONTROL: THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION’S WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE IMPOSITION OF A=440HZ STANDARD TUNING. After reading this article, I felt the need to feel the difference between these tunings, so I found some examples online of music played in 440 hz vs. 432 hz and I was blown away! I instantaneously felt the difference of how my body and consciousness reacted to 432 hz tuned music. It was as if I took a cleansing cold shower. Then when I would listen to 440 hz, my mind would get foggy and dissociated. I never realized this difference until listening this music side-by-side; and I'm an avid music listener who also produced music and did lots of work with sound editing. I've never noticed this until now. This was an amazing revelation to me because it made me realize how many human beings don't know about this and how it's still being used as a mind control tool.

Back to the story. From then on, my next move was to convert my music to 432 hz tuning. I knew that I couldn't listen to the 440 hz tuned music anymore because of what I was feeling every time when listening to it. I searched the internet on how to do this conversion and found a forum where someone explained that Audacity can be used for this conversion and wrote how to do it. After downloading Audacity and trying to do the conversation, I was noticing that the sound quality of the output file was very bad; so this prompted me to start exploring other audio editing programs in search of the one that does a great job; and after all the searching, I found Adobe Audition, which is a program that does a great job at converting music from 440 hz to 432 hz. I could not notice a difference between the input file and output file anymore and also what was noticeable was that it takes much longer to convert a track in Audition vs. Audacity, so this tells me that much more processing is involved with Audition and its algorithms for conversion are much more complicated and of higher quality. Then I also watched this video by Jamie Buturff who explained that you first need to get a tuner to find out in which frequency the original track is in. He suggested the Korg tuner that he had, so I quickly went on and ordered it. The tuner is a Korg CA-40 tuner. I've been converting music from 440 hz (and other frequencies) to 432 hz for over a year now, and about 95%+ of tracks that I've tested and converted since were in 440 hz -- which confirmed to me what Leonard G. Horowitz was writing when he said that 440 hz is now the standard tuning. The other frequencies I've come upon so far were in 444 hz tuning. So this is why it's important to have a tuner because if you're using the same exact ratio to convert all other tuning frequencies as you use to convert from 440 hz to 432 hz, then the resulting tuning of the output file will not be 432 hz if the input was not 440 hz. By the way, a detailed tutorial on how to convert to 432 hz is at the bottom of this post. Also the 444 hz (aka 528 hz) tuning is another topic that will be covered in another post. It also exists for a purpose and I feel that it's also being used as a manipulation tool.

After doing all of this and listening to only 432 hz music, I became even more sensitive to 440 hz music and its effects. The best way I can explain this is when I became a raw vegan, I became much more sensitive to the foods I ate. My body started recognizing and telling differences between foods that it was not sensitive to before. I feel now something that is not good for my body right away and even before I eat it. Thus, this led me to a realization that 432 hz is a clearing/healing frequency just like raw food is to the body, 432 hz music is to the mind. This realization made me experiment with this even further and my journey continued.


During this Summer of 2013, I was in Russia and during this trip, I went to a summer solstice festival that was taking place north of Sochi near the city of Gelendzhik. Musicians, followers of the Vedic Russian traditions, of the Anastasia movement, and many others gathered for this festival, which in Russia was also coinciding with another Russian celebration day by the name of Ivan Kupalo. I was glad that I listened to my intuition and brought my tuner with me.

I got an opportunity to test this out, when one morning, in the breakfast area, a musician was practicing playing his guitar. I came up to this musicians and asked him whether he would like to try something out and whether we can tune his guitar to a different tuning. He was excited to try something new out, so with the assistance of my tuner, he tuned his guitar to the 432 hz scale. And when he started playing it, something struck him. He realized something that he couldn't answer for himself going back to his music school days. He told me that in music school, when they used to listen to singing of tribal folk from different countries of the world, he would notice that they were singing “off tune” and he didn't really know why. After tuning his guitar to 432 hz and playing it, he then realized that it's because they were singing in this tuning, not in the 440 hz tuning that he was taught to tune his instruments to and sing in. This information provided me with more evidence that the ancient humans all over the world were naturally singing and playing in this tuning; and a documentary that I just recently watched (which will be mentioned later in the article) points to this as well.

Later on during that day, I encountered another musician who just came up to a group of my friends during a heated conversation, and this musician wanted to play a song for us. I once again took an opportunity and asked him whether he wanted to try something out. He agreed and with the help of my tuner, he tuned his guitar to the 432 hz tuning. He then started playing and singing and he was blown away. He said that he practices Chi Gung and while playing in this tuning he's feeling energy going through his body like he never felt it before while playing his instrument. He said that he feels so clear and centered and thanked me for telling him about this.

Keep in mind that in both of these cases, I did not tell these musicians anything about 432 hz tuning, its history, or anything about the 440 hz tuning. I merely asked them whether they wanted to try something out and they came to their own realizations independently. This to me was concrete evidence that there is something amazing about the 432 hz tuning.

In yet another opportunity, while I was walking through a forest with my friends during that same festival, there was a musician that was selling hand carved whistle flutes. I came up to him while he was playing and took out my tuner to check the tuning of the flute and it was in 432 hz! That was the natural sound coming out of that instrument that this human being hand carved; and I've also heard that traditional instruments of natives all over the world are also tuned to 432 hz.

This whole experience during this festival inspired me to pursue this more and to assist humanity in waking up to this knowledge that has been forgotten about; so after returning to the U.S., I worked on translating the previously-mentioned article into Russian so that our friends could read about it and also pass it on to others they meet because just by being with me and by experiencing what I was experiencing, they were amazed and wanted to do something as well. One of my friends wanted to provide this information to the head of a local orchestra in Sochi, Russia.

The Russia experience was truly something for me.


Whenever I travel, I always take my tuner with me because I never know what interesting experienced I will encounter. On my trip to Bali I had several such experiences that are worth mentioning.

One evening, I was in the Soma Cafe in Ubud, Bali. It's a cafe that I frequented because they have a good internet connection. The cafe is nice, open and big. In the center, they have a section where musicians can come in and play. That one evening, a musician was playing the guitar. He was sitting particularly close to me, so I could not ignore the music that was playing. As always, when exposed to 440 Hz music, my head started to get foggy, so I came up to the musician, and just like always, I asked whether he wanted to try something out. I asked him whether he wouldn't mind to tune the guitar to the 432 Hz tuning and he didn't. He said that he heard about the tuning before but didn't know how he could tune his guitar to it. We found a free guitar tuner app for his iPhone, which he downloaded and used to tune his guitar. After he played that first chord in 432 Hz, I felt the cleanse again. Things we back to normal. We all felt how different the atmosphere felt then moment he struck that chord on his freshly tuned guitar. The sound sounded alive again. Then a woman came in to join him playing the guitar, she also tuned her guitar to the 432 Hz using my tuner and then they started playing and she was singing. It was magical.

On another night, at a friend's housewarming party, an Indian Brahman who was a father of another friend that was invited to the party, was singing a Hindu prayer to commemorate the new house for the family. I quickly remembered the information that I heard where natives, when singing their music, would sing naturally in the 432 Hz tuning, especially if they were not exposed to formal musical training in western schools. Remembering this, I got out my tuner and got close to the singer; and what do you know, he was singing in the 432 Hz tuning. The father's son that was standing right next to me, heard of 432 Hz tuning before and he was awestruck when he was looking at my tuner and where the needle was pointing at dead center of the 432 Hz tuning. Another magical moment and yet another confirmation about the amazing frequency.



In November of 2013, something happened that pushed me to the next step in my journey. I was reading an article by Alanna Ketler from Collective Evolution titled How to Get “High” Without Drugs and then I was reading through reader comments. In this article, there was a meditation video that the writer said she liked. I turned the video on and my head was already buzzing and feeling cloudy. Then I turned on the tuner, checked it and, of course, it was in 440 hz tuning. Here's the video that she was talking about.

This was a sign for me that I needed to do more to let humanity know about this. So I downloaded the video, converted the audio portion of it to 432 hz tuning, then reuploaded the video on my YouTube channel and told the readers in the comments of that post to listen and compare it to the the 440 hz video that was originally provided by the writer. Here's the video that I posted.

[UPDATED Sep. 29, 2014 -- The creator of the original video has requested that I remove my version of his track from YouTube. Because of this you can no longer view the A=432 Hz of the track. You can, however, create your own A=432 Hz version of the track by watching my tutorial on how to do it at the end of this post.]

A comment from one of the readers was exactly right on! Hugh Haiker wrote:
"Astonishing! I couldn’t bear but 4 seconds of the video above. It made me extremely uncomfortable, but the link you provided made me instantly vibrate from head to toe. Now, I have to look into this more!"

This whole entire experience and the comments from the users once again showed me that this needs to be made more known. So on my YouTube channel, I decided to start posting music that I converted to 432 hz. In the description of every video, I write a small summary of what this is about. Every video also starts with a slogan “Music in 432 Hz: Free Your Mind”. Then as the music plays, on the bottom right corner of the video, a watermark emblem appears with “Music in 432 Hz tuning” written.

music in 432 hz tuning

I created this, so that it will be similar to a certification label for Organic or Non-GMO. I see this in the future as something to assist human beings in knowing what music they're listening to. To me, music in 440 hz is music that is filled with pesticides, gmo, and is conventionally grown. Music in 432 hz to me is organic – which is why that label naturally flourished into its creation.

In every description of the musical track I also call on musicians to experiment with making music in 432 hz, to contact me if they have any questions about it, and to also send me their tracks if they would like me to convert it for them.


Just last weekend, Elina St-Onge from the Collective Evolution wrote an article on exactly what I'm talking about. Either she and I were on the same wave regarding this information or perhaps she read my comments on the previously-mentioned Alana's article, or saw what I was writing during their radio show on frequencies and decided to look into this more. Regardless, she was right on and she wrote a great article Here’s Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 Hz. This article is a great way to expose yourself to this information for the first time; and based on the comments that it received, I can see how it assisted many to either get exposed to this for he first time or to realize that they were not the only ones. Just in couple days, this article received more than 1000 likes and 1000 shares on Facebook.

The comments from that article were amazing as it brought together people that have been exposed to this for the first time.

And also it brought together people that have been experimenting with this already and they gave their opinions as well.

And of course there were those that reacted quite negatively to the article. The main points against it were either from those that disagreed with the historical information on the A=440 hz tuning or those that didn't feel a difference between the two frequencies.

This article also gave me an opportunity to post some material that I already created on this topic which included tracks in 440 hz vs 432 hz for people to listen to and compare. Here is some of the material that I posted.


One reader of this article by the name of Michael, who is an agriculturist that has a website with his own plant growing system called Agnikultur, wrote the following:

"Fabulous article, we teach that since year in our workshops about increasing plant growth.

Just 2×15 Minutes a day a simple 432 Hz sound increases plant growth by over 50% AS VERIFIED IN TESTS.

It s clear, when you go in resonance with 440Hz which has no atural harmonious connection you will become deconnected to your world. While listening to 432 Hz tunes you ll be in harmony with your environment.

great stuff



I checked out his site. It talks about a form of agriculture that they created that combines methods of agnihotra, permaculture, and electroculture to get the highest and the healthiest yield of crop that doesn't require a large chunk of land and based on what he said above, they're using this tuning as one of the methods in their growing techniques. This is another topic that got me interested in exploring.

Also, this comment answered why the plants in my home have been growing like crazy in the past year -- which correlated to exactly the time from which I started listening to A=432 hz music.

I wish I took a "before" picture. This plant has been growing very well.

Another interesting note that one reader wrote:

"Interesting note. I downloaded Audacity, and to my amazement, went to convert Led Zeppelin songs, and found out that they were all ready 432hz."

I was very intrigued by this information because Led Zepplin has been my favorite Classic Rock band, so I went to their YouTube page, watched these recordings of their concerts from the 70s and bam!


She was right! Their music was tuned to the 432 hz scale. I checked it with my tuner as well! This explained to me why their music touched my soul. Amazing! If you have a tuner handy, you can test it out for yourself.

And then came the finale. I watched this short documentary yesterday, which another reader of this article posted and it assisted in putting everything together for me regarding this. The documentary is called Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form and here it is.

This documentary assisted me in realizing that music in the A=432 hz tuning scale is the sound of the language of our universe -- which is why the music resonates so much with those that feel it. It completely correlates to the structure of our reality to geometry and to sacred geometry. It is literally shapes that make up our reality expressing themselves through sound. This is why 432 hz resonates so much with me. It all made sense for me at that moment!


I must admit that the challenges I face since I started talking about this is that not everyone is able to tell the difference between the frequencies. The ones that aren't able to tell the difference either don't hear it or, even more importantly, they don't feel it. This tells me how deceptive this trick really was when they implemented it because the public would undergo mind control without knowing it and feeling it. And I realize this because this topic is not as easy to grasp as other topics such as the slavery banking system, pharmaceutical system, food, air, and other controlling systems of this reality because those are mainly informational based streams of revelations. This, on the other hand, is very subtle, and is based on being able to hear it with you senses and feel it with your heart; and I feel that it's very crucial. For example, three weeks ago I was listening to a blog talk radio show by Collective Evolution about musical frequencies. A musician was interviewed there that was making spiritual music and music in various frequencies. He provided a link to his latest mix that he did; I quickly checked it with my tuner and it was in the A=440 hz tuning. When I posted this comment in the chat, the musician was asked this question; however, he didn't understand it and responded that his mix is in various frequencies – which told me that there is also a confusion between musical frequencies and tuning frequencies, which is what I'm talking about. In essence, everything is a frequency in this reality, so I do see how this can be confusing; and adding to this is also the fact that music in general is not considered an important educational subject in mass-educating institutions like “math”, “history”, and other subjects are. Of course, to me it seems that this is done on purpose to downplay the power of music and sound and continue to use it as a great mass-controlling tool that humans are unaware of.

I once again turn to diet when explaining to those that don't see a difference. I tell them that it's like when you were eating an unhealthy diet filled with chemicals, animal flesh, gmo, etc. and then you switch to a raw diet and you start feeling your body like you never did before. You become sensitive to things that you've never been sensitive to before. And after watching the documentary above, it now makes sense why I look at this musical scale as organic.



My intention is for the world to learn about this and -- if they choose to -- to convert back to A=432 hz tuning. I feel that because people have been kept unaware about this, they're unable to make a choice. This is why exposing human beings to this knowledge is of such crucial importance. This way most of music that is now being played in 440 hz in the world [based on my estimates] will be playing once again in the natural earth resonant tuning. Can you imagine the power of this? Just this in itself, I feel, will do a great deal to assist the humanity with the current shift of consciousness that we're experiencing and co-creating. I feel that if most of the music is to be played on the A=432 hz tuning scale, the world would be a more balanced, peaceful experience for humankind and thus for all the other beings that we're co-creating and/or experiencing this reality with. To quote Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find energy secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”, and this is exactly what this is all about.
To take this further, I've also began brainstorming for an open-source computer program that will automatically convert any given musical track to A=432 hz tuning from whatever tuning the track was previously in, which would be mainly from 440 hz. The idea is to make this open source so that it's available to anyone without any monetary barriers and also so that anyone can take this code and work it into their own idea, such as a plug-in for an audio playing software that does real time conversion where a human being listening to a track will automatically be listening to it in 432 hz regardless of the tuning of the original source or implement the code into any music editing/listening/creating software. This would be a great idea as well, a sort of a filtration system, a good water filtration system comes to mind as an example for this idea.

Here are some other aspects that I feel 432 hz music contributes to, based on my experience and what I was able to independently find on the internet.

  1. 432 hz balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. What I feel is that one of the mind controlling aspects of dissociation that 440 hz music causes is to maintain an imbalance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 432 hz music balances them out. I make this statement simply by how I feel and in the state of consciousness that I am when I listen to music in the A=432 hz scale vs the A=440 hz scale. I know when I'm in balance and when I'm not. When a human being has imbalanced brain hemispheres, that being is then easily subjected to mind control -- which is exactly the point of using the 440 hz tuning frequency, to begin with.

  2. 432 hz tuning has healing and balancing properties. It is also my feeling that music, when played en masse before this standard was changed to A=440 hz, such as classical music played in concert halls, used to have healing properties. This is when going to concerts would have an energized and cleansing effect. Now going to classical concerts has an effect that is probably close to being energetically drained and in the state of “being woken up from a dream”. By the way, this “state of being woken up from a dream” that a human being goes through after listening to a musical track or an album is not a natural state. The effect of natural frequencies is to keep you centered and here in the moment, not “spaced out” somewhere. Spaced out would be another way to describe dissociation – which is another tool used in mind control as evidenced by popularly known mind control programs such as MK Ultra and Project Monarch.

  3. Continuing from the last point, the effect of 432 hz music keeps you focused and grounded with the earth. Music in 440 hz constantly breaks your focus and has a dissociating effect where one flies through various fantasies/alternate realities while listening to music and then comes back into this reality after the music finishes playing with less energy than this being had before starting listening to it. When we're in the state of resonance and balance; when we are energetically grounded and focused, we cannot be controlled and manipulated. I feel that this is exactly what 432 hz musical scale does.

  4. I, for one, have music playing in my head on and off. When I'm in the mood of creating music, it's playing in my head all the time. Now, when we're conditioned to play, listen, and create music in 440 hz, we're doing mind control on ourselves because the music playing in our mind is now in that synthetic tuning. Once we switch to 432 hz, it's a totally different experience. This is another reason why listening to 432 hz is so beneficial because as a result, the music playing in our head is going to be also of a different, natural tuning frequency.

  5. Effect on digestion is also something that was interesting to note. When listening to 432 hz music and eating, is very much in balance and does not affect the human body system. However, music and 440 hz has more of an effect on the body and its digestion during consumption of food.

  6. An interesting image of the way 440 hz tuning affects the water vs 432 hz tuning. This image reminded me of how organic food was compared to non-organic in other images I've seen before. I don't know whether this image is real but it does explain how my mind feels when listening to 440 hz vs 432 hz.

  7. From my testing on sound of birds, they also sing in 432 hz tuning. This explains why hearing birds sing has clearing/cleansing/healing properties.

  8. The documentary mentioned above confirms what I heard about natural wooden instruments from various cultures being tuned to the A=432 hz tuning scale.

  9. This is literally us remembering who we are! :-)



Below is a tutorial that I created that shows how to convert music from the A=440 hz tuning scale in to the A=432 hz tuning scale.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. My journey with the A=432 hz tuning is getting more and more interesting. Just these past days have opened to me so much.

With love and gratitude!



  1. Tx u Dennis. Nice exposition & useful.
    Any info on how 2 detect infrasonics / ultrasonics played nearby in these tunings? Meters?
    Nonstop psychotronics by sociopath neighbors like what u describe here but rather more: various physical body resonances, barely audible voices w/ nonsense phrases, all very MK-Ultra.
    & no doubt all tuned 2 440Hz or 444Hz or whatever related freq that this group / network can find.
    I worry about health effects both physical & psychic. Brain fog. Dreams disrupted, programmed. I feel I am a test subject in this quiet rural area (E AZ).
    These psychotronics played or broadcast in infrasonics & ultrasonics mixes. Mostly not audible but felt.
    Local law enforcement ignores as not existing. Creepy passive support 4 this program.
    Looking 4 ways 2 "prove" in court that such freqs r being played.
    Tx 4 any help or links 2 info. Vani Smith

  2. Hello!

    I followed your youtube tutorial ( and converted some songs to 432 hz with Audition.
    What do you think about the "Preserve Speech Characteristics" option when converting with Adobe Audition? The one that is found under "Stretch and Pitch" -> "Advanced" I saw someone commenting on your video and saying it would be better to uncheck "Preserve Speech Characteristics".
    What do you think this?
    By the way, it would be so cool to see how plants respond to this kind of music:D
    I dream of creating food forests, permaculture living environments and music is one more creative expression that can be used:)


  3. Merge with David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos was my first thought.

    smiling as we move towards the light

  4. Dennis. What you think about the 432 Player by Ophir Paz? See Google...Can you test it?
    Thank you about your work and information!

    1. Hello. I've seen this app before; however, because I don't have an iPhone nor an iPad, I'm unable to test it. I will do the test, however, once I get the opportunity since I'm quite interested to hear the resulting quality of real-time conversion.

  5. Hy, Dennis!

    Thank you for all! Howdo you make these motion videos in youtube channel? Very beautiful. What kind of software you use? Thank you!

  6. if we download -Pineal Gland Meditation in 432 Hz Tuning from youtube using catchnet - - Will it remain 432 hz or change?

  7. if we download -Pineal Gland Meditation in 432 Hz Tuning from youtube using catchnet - - Will it remain 432 hz or change?

  8. So after reading this article I decided to tune by bass guitar to 432 from 440 hz, and there is a definite difference in feeling. When playing in 432 I was getting strange sensations in my left hand when holding down certain notes, it felt like touching a wire with a very small electric current running through it. Worried that my guitar or amp was somehow sending more electricity through the instrument than normal, I disconnected the bass from the amp and played it. The sensations still existed. I've never felt anything like that when playing in 440. After tuning the guitar back to 440, the feeling wasn't there. It's almost as if playing in 432 was tuning my body by touching the vibrating strings. Somebody else try it and tell me the results. I was playing the bass line to "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also, the bass guitar has a AA battery inside. Maybe the tuning can manipulate electrical currents...

  9. I bought a Korg Tuner I am confused on how I am able to tell if the song is in 440hz or not, please let me know I'm anxious to get started

    1. Hello Kisses! Thank you for your question! It's great that you purchased the tuner. Here's how you do it. Turn it on, change the frequency to the 440 hz by clicking on the up or down arrows. It may be already in the 440 hz by default. Then start playing a track you want to convert. Aim for parts of the track that have the least amounts of instruments playing at once and preferably without percussion. Usually the beginning, middle, and end of the track have those parts. If there is a part where there is just one instrument or just singing, that will be ideal. It's good enough to catch the tuning of only one instrument because the rest of the instruments as well as the vocals are tuning to the same scale on that track. You'll know that you'll hitting the tuning because the measuring arrow on the tuner will be hitting green. This means you're hitting the note. Once you've established the tuning; and most likely it will be in the A=432 hz, then you can convert it into the A=432 hz tuning. After conversion, change the tuner into 432 hz and check it again. Now those same parts of the track should be hitting the green mark on your tuner in the 432 hz. Please let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

  10. Hi! Do you talk russian?

  11. Ive thought it should be need to check each of my own tracks are in 432hz... just need to know how im gonna do that...One thing I can tell you F scale is far more emotional than any other one and I play it as self thought in such a scale...need to use transposer if other scale is needed... pls share which softs n gadgets I need to make those changings..been away from music since early 90s. Thanks. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro

    1. Hello Zenuh! You can check using a tuner. Do you have one? If not, this is the tuner that I have:

      The best software that I've come upon for audio editing is Adobe Audition. It's really high end. This is what I use for my conversions.

      So, just to do this, this is all that is required besides a moderate to fast computer and a nice set of speakers or headphones :-)

  12. Hey if i listen to music converted to 432 hz in mp3 does it decreases its value?