Thursday, August 14, 2014

“There is no such thing as a victim”

"There is no such thing as a victim"

Not too long ago, a friend of mine and I had a long discussion. He raised a question and a point. That discussion inspired me to write about this topic, as I feel that this is yet another manipulation tool in this reality that is important to be aware of.

Our conversation started when he was talking about the “Fix the World” group and how he didn’t resonate with the title of the group because, in his opinion, the world doesn’t need to be fixed. He said that only in the mindset of a victim does someone need to be saved but the earth doesn’t need to be saved. It is well perfect as it is and it is not a victim but is allowing everything that takes place to play out. He asked me, “Do you think that the earth is a victim?” My answer let us on a long discussion that we didn’t have time to finish because I had to leave. My answer was, “The earth is not a victim and it is a victim at the same time. The truth is in the contradiction.” He did not understand what I was talking about and was asking me more questions trying to make a point that the earth is not a victim. He didn’t understand that I was agreeing with him, yet at the same time showing a deeper meaning and a more complete understanding of our reality. And here’s what I mean.