Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Phone to Change the World

This video is a beautiful example of being the change we want to see in this reality. As much as we can complain about our consumerist electronics culture where we're constantly going for the latest phone while dumping the "old" one-year old phone somewhere, complaining doesn't get one any further than where they currently are. It is by acting on something that we want to change that change occurs. These actions are beautiful and are definitely in resonance with the shift that we're co-creating and experiencing. So here it is...Phonebloks :-)

I'm sure that most of the people reading this have already heard of the terms perceived obsolescence and applied obsolescence. If you haven't heard of these terms, here's a short explanation.

Perceived obsolescence is when companies on purpose keep on producing "new" versions of whatever it is that they're making in order to create a perception that the "previous version" is now "old" or "out of style" even though that previous version is still in perfect condition or was only released about a year ago or less. Apple with their iPhones, car manufacturers, and clothes designers are a perfect example of perceived obsolescence. Unless something actually happened to the product, nothing really changes about it in just a year. This is where mind control marketing comes into play! These companies work really hard to change our perception about the product and thus we are influenced to perceive the product as old even though it's not.

Applied obsolescence is when a company on purpose creates a product that is built to break in usually a short period of time. No, this is not a conspiracy theory. This is an actual practice that is part of the electronics manufacturing industry. From my experience, I noticed that this timeframe is usually about 1-2 years, especially on electronic devices. Perceived and applied obsolescences are also used to work hand-in-hand when; for example, a previous version of an electronic device becomes "old" simply due to either only one part on it breaking [on purpose] or one part of it becoming obsolete as it is not able to handle the new features that are released. Thus instead of being able to replace that one obsolete part, one is faced with purchasing a brand new item. The video below shows this example beautifully.

Now, what's the big deal with this? Well, our beautiful mother earth is becoming a waste ground for thrown out electronic devices. Because these companies are in the business of trying to sell as many of their devices as possible; and of course, because we unconsciously consent to this mind manipulation, they're able to market and "program" the minds of people to get used to throwing their previous, perfectly working or purposely broken devices just so that they can purchase their latest device.

Here's a great video from the makers of Story of Stuff about consumerism in electronics and e-waste that portrays an example of what I'm talking about.

Here is a great investigative report done by PBS Frontline four years ago titled Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground. It shows so well just the level of pollution e-waste is causing.
Phonebloks is a great idea for several reasons:
  1. It would assist humanity in getting out of the cycle where they are physiologically influenced to purchase the "next new model". This is something completely new and the more this idea gets into the collective populace, the more it will be resonating within the collective matrix experience that we're in. Thus more people will be influenced in this new way of looking at what they're purchasing and what is influencing them.
  2. If this phone gets popular, this will influence other phone manufacturers to start producing similar phones and thus this will cause a shift in the industry. You might even see a future iPhone being designed this way. After all, these companies are composed of we the people. As much as we can separate ourselves from a corporation, it is really we the people that make up that fictitious structure.
I'm loving the feeling that I'm getting about this. The energy marking that I'm getting from this concept is that it is technology of unity, not separation -- which is in stark contrast to the technology that has been dominating our planet for some time. This unity technology is going to be appearing more and more during out current experience and it's beautiful to see. What about you? What are you feelings regarding this?

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