Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Tired of Eating These Games: The Hunger Games and How We're Manipulated by Films Like This


Yesterday, I watched a film that I've heard people speaking about for a year now on and off. It didn't pull me to watch it when it first came out; however, I felt the need to do it finally yesterday. The film is The Hunger Games [the first one, not the one in theaters now]. Before watching it, I was expecting this to be a film showing a future totalitarian society, its depths, and intricacies -- which is usually what I like about these types of films, since they show glimpses into alternate/parallel earth timelines or timelines on other planets. Anyway, watching about halfway through the film, I realized that it was nothing what I expected, but everything that I needed to see in order to experience the reality of what our society is in at this moment.

For those of you who watched this film, did you realize that by watching this film, you were taking on a role of one of the viewers that was watching these "games" on the television? So even if you were thinking during this film how gruesome it is that people watch such "games" on television, you were actually participating in watching these games. Thus you were one of the viewers.

Did you think for a moment that you were witnessing 24 children brutally killing each other? And for what? This heartless event was taking place so that the districts could continue to be manipulated with fear?

It was difficult for me to watch how these unconscious beings living in these districts would so willingly give their children away while at the same time were being heavily oppressed by the controlling regime. Even though the film didn't show much of how this controlling rich city called "the capital" operated. All it showed is people dressed in extravagant colorful clothing and eating lots of food in comparison to districts that had old clothes in grey shades and didn't have much to eat whatsoever. 

So what's the deal with this anyway and why did I even decide to take the time to write this? It's just a film, right? No, it's more than that. I noticed that this film was being used to uphold the culture of subservience, fear, competition, and mind control. It was upholding an idea where you must fight for survival. It was upholding that mind controlling polarizing idea of survival of the fittest. It's all crap! If our society continues to feed on these conditioning programs without realizing that they're being manipulated without questioning the basis for such conditioned thinking, then nothing is going to change about us. We are the creators of our reality. We and no one else is responsible for the life that we create and for the experience that we choose to experience. If we're operating from the basis that someone controls us, that someone decides our life for us, that we're oppressed, that we need a savior, that we need to fight for our survival, with every such thought we're giving away our ability to be in control of our creation. With every such thought, we are giving away our sovereignty to the controlling structure to the system that has been imposed in this reality to manipulate and control us. This system is the government, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the military, the education system, the banks, and this goes much beyond this list and this earthly realm.

Do you see that you're being programmed to function like slaves while being exposed to this film and similar films to this? Do you see how these films projects the idea that we need a savior and that someone can save us?

We are not oppressed. We don't need to fight for survival. That bullcrap that only one can survive is what divides us and films such as Hunger Games plays a great role in programming us with this junk. We are oneness! We are source! We are eternal essence having a human experience using our body vehicle! Don't you realize who we are? How can only one BODY survive when we are all individual, unique, perfect aspects of ONE? This old paradigm zombie mentality of unconscious beings watching television is only here to stay for as long as YOU keep creating this reality. If YOU want to change your reality, then ONLY YOU can do it. This is not about someone doing it for you. Unconsciously watching films like Hunger Games and similar films that uphold these mind controlling themes is what continues to keep us programmed in this polarizing paradigm where we need to constantly fight for our survival. This film is a great example of what role Hollywood has been playing in world population mind control. Do you realize what happens to your consciousness when you sit in a dark room while your senses are exposed to moving pictures for about couple hours. During this experience your state of consciouses is in a hypnotic state while you're body is actually experiencing the emotions of what is taking place in this film. Did you notice how your body may actually sweat as if you were reliving this drama or your heartbeat got faster? Did you notice what images play in your mind after the film? Did you root for or wanted someone to win while watching the film? Because I was watching this film consciously without being hypnotized into this state, I realized how this film was trying to influence me. I used the technique of being alert and looking all around and paying attention to myself every several minutes. This way I was disconnected from the film enough as to not feel influenced by it -- which assisted me in seeing this film and what it was doing from a disconnected perspective. However, I was still experiencing several scenes emotionally, since my body did perspire.


The power is in the people; and in the reality that I'm creating at this moment, these districts do not exist any longer. The beings living in these districts refuse to comply with this "game" and no one goes and stands in lines waiting to be picked. No one simply shows up. No one. When they send the soldiers in, the people don't do anything. They don't fight. They just sit and NOT COMPLY. If soldiers get too far, the whole village takes life into their own hands and defends themselves if needed. At the same time a similar type of awakening is occurring in "the capital". People are starting to wake up from their zombie sleep and start to question what that hell are they doing, why are they living how they're living, what is the purpose of their life, and are they living their purpose. They look at these "games" from the outside and realize that they're disgusting and inhumane. They choose not to watch them. This awakening spreads throughout the capital and thought the districts. No one watches these "games" and no one participates in them. The game is over. The people are now undertaking to experience a new type of reality that of interconnectedness where people are all in a state of consciousness that they are a piece of a puzzle to this reality and that they are also the full picture that comes out as a result of these puzzle pieces placed together. They're in full awareness of what it is that they're here to do in every moment of their perfect creation because at this point they all know that every single one of them is a unique, individual, perfect aspect of source. They know that there are no hierarchies, no one is better, smarter, and the only attributes that make them different are attributes that each individual created for themselves in order to experience the reality that they chose to experience. In essence, they realize that the previous experience that they chose to have while playing these hunger games, while playing these wars, while playing these separation into districts, was only a game. It was a scenario, a theater play that they created and chose to participate in so that they all as a collective consciousness can experience. They realize that it was their creation and thus there is no anger, no remorse. Thoughts of revenge do not exists anymore because there are no thoughts of polarity and separation that can influence these beings any longer when they're consciousness is in the vibrational state of oneness.

So wake up beautiful beings! This is a calling to disconnect mind manipulation that is continuing to be broadcast at us. We're not zombies waiting to be programmed. We're soul essence. The theme of oneness works when people get exposed to it. They get a feeling of something that they forgot a long time ago, yet it's so familiar to them; it's natural to them because it's who we are.

This is a calling for creation of films that show our natural true reality, not the reality of this polarity crap that we've been playing around with for such a long time. It's a calling to have films that show the oneness of people instead of films that show where we need to fight for survival -- where we're separate. I, for one, am tired of these games and I have a feeling that so many of us are as well. So let's switch the channel and start creating a different game. That's what we're here for and that's what we're doing.

Would you like an example of the type of film that shows this aspect of oneness? Here you go! This film The Green Beautiful is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

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